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The Working Weekend

Posted by Dirck on 27 October, 2014

Oh, wah, wah, I had to play with other people’s pens for four hours in a public location.  I’m so oppressed.

Now, turning off cynicism, counterfeit complaint and ironic posing:  I had a rather good afternoon on Saturday, and some pens were put back on the path of righteousness and rectitude.  For those who are in the area but were otherwise engaged, there’s a very good chance of a repeat performance at some point in the foreseeable future; management at Paper Umbrella is reviewing the calendar at the moment looking at possible dates.  Also, for those in the aforementioned category or those for whom geography is an insurmountable obstacle to just dropping around, there is a little bit of video now online showing me muttering darkly at a particularly resistant Lamy Safari.  The living fossil is documented!  Gigantopithecus stilograficensis is a myth no longer!

Also, if you’re inclined to buy a Visconti Van Gogh Irises, the one at Paper Umbrella is definitely working properly.  Now.  For shame, Visconti!

I set aside my fiction for today to share an anecdote some will dismiss as fiction, but I swear it is the truth.  About midway through the clinic, a nice lady came in with a pouch full of pens.  She has come in merely to see what the shop might offer, as she does regularly (just as I do), and was surprised to discover the living fossil and his pen-righting equipment in one corner.  When this terrifying presence was explained to her, she reviewed the contents of her pouch to see what might need attention.

It is, by the way, a pleasure to watch someone who knows how to interact with a Pilot Falcon’s soft point enquire of it how it’s feeling.  She had… two or three, which is startling to me; she’s an artist, and the swarm of pens is kept at hand to answer her muse if it descends unexpectedly.  Of the bunch, only two needed any sort of looking-at by me, since sensibly she doesn’t carry the contrary pens around with her.  One was a Lamy Safari (one of the seven looked at that day*).

The other was a Montblanc 144.  Small disalignment.  Touch of baby-bottom.  Nothing much.  She wasn’t actually positive is was a Montblanc, because it was an older slip-cap version and a slip-cap is apparently a sign of fakery.  I’m far from current on the tell-tales of unreal Montblanc pens, but the amount of detail in the point impression and the presence of actual gold in the point inclines me to think it’s the real thing, der echt Artikel.  I said as much to the owner, which pleased her.

…because it had come to her through someone at her place of work saying, “Man, I’m sick of tripping over this pen.  Someone toss it out!” and her making off with it before anyone could do something silly.

I would very much like to infiltrate this office for a day.  I’d do my part to help relieve the drifts of unclaimed Mercedes in the parking lot, or reduce the inconvenient heaps of gold ingots lurking in the corners.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer TM Valiant
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Lie de Thé

* This glut makes sense with the right details:

  1. Paper Umbrella carries Lamy
  2. Paper Umbrella is essentially the only place in town to buy a fountain pen
  3. Paper Umbrella customers were most likely to know about the event
  4. Safari is the popular model of Lamy

3 Responses to “The Working Weekend”

  1. I spent some of this summer wondering how to tell a real Mont Blanc from a fake, having left one in a shop in Hanoi. I thought that finding it in Hanoi was a good sign it was a fake, but this was an odd little shop, and I did get some genuine Pelikan ink cartridges at about the same percentage reduction, so I thought they might just be stolen rather than fake.
    Alas, as my bank card was missing, I had to leave them there. I did, however, get a definitely fake Mont Blanc bag in Kuala Lumpur.

    • Alas, indeed. We will assume that it was a fake, and kindly Fate intervened to save you some money.

      I once spent nearly $10 on a Tag-Heuer watch in a Korean street market; I have some small guilt for enabling a counterfeiter, but at that price we all knew the score, and as it ran for some months afterward I think I got my money’s worth out of it.

  2. […] it was not without some business, and some items to contemplate.  As with the October version of the clinic, I filled in some time between visitors by messing with the in-store stock.  Based […]

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