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It’s For The Kids….

Posted by Dirck on 24 October, 2014

Like most folks in North America, my understanding of the eerie underpinnings of Hallowe’en came long after I had learned to look forward to putting an uncomfortable vacuum-formed plastic mask based loosely on Boris Karloff across my face and screech for chocolate.  I’m very pleased that this tradition continues in my own part of the world, too– this “mall trick-or-treating” drives me toward apoplexy.

Hallowe’en is, in my mind, for two constituencies.

Observant pagans who want to keep the spectral influences at bay.

Kids of most ages with room in their heart for innocent scares.

For the earlier cohort of the latter group, I offer today’s longish film:

Next week will be devoted to the older cohort.  People who think it’s about drinking while being in a room full of Sexy {Occupation} costumes can go hang… from any convenient hook or rope.

Today’s pen: Waterman Executive
Today’s ink: Pelikan violet


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