What's up at Ravens March.

Vintage pens-Handmade books-Silly statements

Posted by Dirck on 23 October, 2014

Day What How Much Duration Pen Ink
22 Oct.


23 Oct.

First draft, “The Third Act”


The same, now completed.

14 pages


11 pages

50 min.


About 45 min.

Waterman Crusader


Pelikan M600

Private Reserve Supershow Blue


Herbin Bleu Myosotis

Is this more tolerable, d’you think? As I said on Tuesday, I can’t give up entirely on the idea of external oversight, as tedious as that is for the draftee overseers, but it won’t come up more than once a week.

…and I still get to mention all the week’s pens in public.  The internet is nothing if not the panderer to strange pleasures, and it turns out that’s one of mine.


4 Responses to “”

  1. cybaea said

    I liked the old format 🙂 I have a lottery with myself: if my ink is the same as yours, I get to buy (and eat) a nice piece of chocolate :9 Only happened once 😦 so many inks….
    But it is better than having nothing!

  2. Tim said

    First Ink Quest then Mobilis Ink Mobili, and now Ravens March??!! Oh the humanity… [cue consoling music]

    • Oh, I’m not going down to that particular sunless sea; if I give up entirely on this thing, I’ll make some noises of farewell and leave my traces in the fossil record.

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