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Posted by Dirck on 9 October, 2014

I suspect that some of the followers of this screed (and… gosh, there’s a surprising number of you) occasionally have a thought pass through your head which runs along these lines: “I miss the old days when this guy would ramble incoherently about pens.”  Well, today we return, however briefly to the old school, as “The Healing Power of Crystals” is done, at a vexing 3,013 words.  I suppose I could edit it for a perfectly round 3,000, but that sounds like work.

Last weekend I finished a repair on an Imperial VI which made me very happy.  It was sent along by the original purchaser, who had in mind getting it back in service to give to his grandson, and apart from two little items, there was nothing it needed but fresh sac and seals.  Those little items?  Let’s have a look:


The big deal was a crack, about two centimeters long (say 3/4″ for those who swing that way).  Actually, it was sort of a proto-crack, as it wasn’t letting pressure out, but it still wanted attention.  Thus, I had a run at it with solvent welding.  The results were cosmetically imperfect but physically secure.  The other item was a bent clip, which was the sort of bend that could be dealt with in situ.  The results?

Sheaffer R253

Now, the lesson here is to beware online images.  The clip is fixed, as you see it.  The cosmetically imperfect crack, though… well, the point of this picture was to show a capped Imperial IV of a different colour on my site rather than to display my powers of repair.  The image has been… retouched.

In other news, the TWSBI 540 I have is now a decorative item.  In the course of cleaning it, the piston jammed (and I need to consult the fora to see if anyone has has lubrication failure from Diamine Syrah use, because that shouldn’t have happened).  The piston mechanism drove itself backwards as a result, and the consequence is a dirty great crack in the tail of the barrel.


I should start using the new camera for this stuff. It has image stabilization.

I am currently pondering whether or not I make TWSBI formally aware of this development.  I was considering the purchase of a 580 anyway, and I don’t want to presume upon the company’s remarkably liberal customer service policies for what my moral element suggests is personal gain.  Opinions are welcome, but may not be acted upon.  I’m not going to attempt to fix it myself, as I lack the right stuff to work with polycarbonate; awareness of limitations is my strongest power.

Oh, there’s some very exciting news to appear publicly at the start of next week, which is pen-related and is also extremely personally satisfying.  Stand by, followers!

…at which point Stan Lee would shout “Excelsior!”  That’s his thing, though.

Today’s pen: Parker 50
Today’s ink: Quink black


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