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The Curse

Posted by Dirck on 2 October, 2014

WHAT: Second draft of “The Blue Room”.

HOW MUCH: Not quite two hundred words, giving a total for this draft of 5,069.

HOW LONG: Nearly five minutes…

…so I’ve got a few minutes free to make good on the promised story about Monday’s pen choice.  What I brought up that morning to be next in the rotation was a Thin Model TD Valiant; I was hankering for a TM with a Triumph point, and it’s easier to clean than a Snorkel.

I filled it, and as an attentive pen-user, I minded the bubbles that the pen blew in the ink.  Then I said, “That don’t seem right,” in an assumed regional accent that I occasionally adopt to lighten my mood.  Bubbles were blown for only about half the time they should have been.  I emptied the pen, and nothing like enough ink came out.

Repeat. Same results.  Heavy sigh.

Since I was somewhat ahead of my time on Monday, I did a quick dismantle on the pen.  My goal was to pop off the sac protector and see if the sac had gone wrong.  What I did was pull the sac protector about the width of my palm away from the back of the section, the sac stretching comically, while tragically sticking to the inside of the metal fitting; some days, one fulfills the basic requirements for Greek drama quite easily.

Thus, the swap to the Snorkel.  I have yet to undertake a review of this record to see what inks I’ve had in that pen, although it is one of my earliest TDs and the sac is hardly what one might call fresh.  The research is called for, since the outside of the sac, once the protector was finally peeled free, was the same colour as a grape.  That’s a worry.

I think I’m going to join Ron Zorn in going to an all-silicone sac policy for the Sheaffer pneumatic fillers.  The cost isn’t vastly greater, and they’ll stand up better.  This may eventually develop into an all-silicone sac policy, period, assuming the sizes can be had.  Slightly depressing, but that seems to be a regular current in life.  I’ve pondered previously about the degradation of rubber in pens, and I ponder once again.  In the previous examination, I speculated on the internal chemistry of the trees that give us the raw material for rubber.  Now I find myself, after a recent watching of the revived Cosmos, wondering if the problem isn’t from some change in the atmosphere that’s developed since the heyday of rubber-in-pen technology.

I try not to wonder for too long, though.  It makes lines in my face.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Balance Statesman
Today’s ink: Herbin Vert Empire


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