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Posted by Dirck on 2 September, 2014

WHAT: Well… I’ve abandoned that second Blue Fur entry as too far into fantasy, which I’ve already entered, and I’m having a little trouble spotting the end of “Laundry Day”.  So, onto a first draft of “The Healing Power of Crystals,” which promises to be good fun (for me– others’ responses not guaranteed).

HOW MUCH: Five manuscript pages.

HOW LONG: 45 min.

ALSO: Remember how I said I might start to misuse my time with photography?  I’m a damn prophet.

Today’s pen: Faber-Castell 664, which I have not run up a page for; it’s rather like a Pelikan 140 in shape and action (as well as age), and has the Osmia mark on the cap.  Page to appear soon.
Today’s ink: Waterman blue (vintage)

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