What's up at Ravens March.

Vintage pens-Handmade books-Silly statements

Posted by Dirck on 25 August, 2014

WHAT: Third draft of the Cat with Blue Fur contest entry,which now labours under the title “Gone to See the Cat”.  Second draft banged out and vetted by readers over the weekend, because DEADLINE!!

HOW MUCH: A finished 1905 words.

HOW LONG: About 20 min. as it was mainly polishing.  Then a LOT of hesitation about entering the contest itself, which I’ve yet to do.   I have to think of a user name for the forum, and I’m trying to be witty, concise, and non-arse-ish.  Everything I’ve come up with so far only touches two if those three criteria.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Imperial IV, and its pencil too, for a lark
Today’s ink: Montblanc Royal Blue

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