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Another Person’s Dreams

Posted by Dirck on 25 July, 2014

That than which, we hear, there is nothing more tedious to hear recounted.  Well… here’s mine, in vivid, moving colour: living in a place so rich in fountain pens, so saturated in them, that setting up walk-in clinics for their resuscitation is a viable effort.

All I need to do is master a new language, defeat one of the most contrary immigration policies in the northern hemisphere, and take in a lot more training than my self-directed studies have provided.  And also arrange for my family to also be able to move with me and thrive into the bargain (although my son showed last weekend an unexpected fondness for sushi…).  Those things aside, there’s a job waiting for me!

Today’s pen: Parker Vacumatic
Today’s ink: Diamine Evergreen

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