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And Now For Something Completely Different.

Posted by Dirck on 18 July, 2014

In honour of the Monty Python reunion tour, I’m going to present something that has absolutely nothing whatever to do with them for the Filched Friday Film.  Here, then, is a large lizard and an elderly man.

Two notes– first, although the full sequence doesn’t appear in this bit, I love the attitude of the cop who gets gobbled up at about the 3:45 point as he approaches the problematical beast; I try to emulate him, at least inwardly, whenever faced with something that is probably insurmountable.  Second, did anyone else notice the dip-well on the radio announcer’s desk around 4:30?  I want to say it’s a Sengbusch, but that’s probably not right.

Today’s pen: Pilot Vanishing Point
Today’s ink: Montblanc Royal Blue

One Response to “And Now For Something Completely Different.”

  1. OK… a look in the next day showed a complete absence of the embedded media which I know was there when I hit publish. Gremlins? Clever sheep? Who can say? In any event, I’ve re-embedded it, and apologize for 27 hours or so of obscurity. If it vanishes again, try searching Youtube for “Ray Harryhuasen – The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms” and yes, that mis-spelling is in the title.

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