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Resumption of Regular Service

Posted by Dirck on 7 July, 2014

I don’t at the moment have the energy to check back in previous July entries to see if I’ve said this before– a two-week vacation is only just long enough to underline how inadequate a visit to the decompression chamber two weeks is. To add to this pointless envying of the German vacation system (pointless because I actually have LOADS of vacation time in the system, but I’m too caught up in the norms of the current North American work ethic to dare act upon this bonanza; you see my love of long parentheses remains strong) is the constant irritation provided by having left my newly-cleaned and -refilled Esterbrook desk-base at home when I left this morning. I only use it for about eight linear centimeters of marks in the course of a day, but it’s not here!

Prickiness grows in me also because the defeats of the vacation slightly outnumber the victories, although honesty will compel me to examine the truth of that statement.  A much-needed repainting of the bathroom has not happened because miserable weather (230mm (three-quarters of a foot) of rain in the course of one day not too far from here, although we only got about 100mm (just under one hand) out of the same bunch of clouds) prevented the plan of sticking my asthmatic wife outdoors for the priming, and also forced a thorough excavation of the living room to provide a place for guests during the Canada Day/son’s 6th birthday party we’d long planned.  I appear to have not made the cut for that writing competition I was alluding to before the break.  I got a Pelikan Level 5, the “defeat” aspects of which I’ll leave to another day.

Honesty, though.  There was a little bit of perfectly nice weather in which I could frolic, and frolicking even a little is far better than the best The Regular Job has to offer.  I’ve done some repairs on my own behalf and for clients, and the current bench includes a couple of Montblanc Miesterstuck 149s, that intensely promoted model, so I get to experience its grandeur in person and add it, eventually to my site (as with the Level 5, more on another day).  Both are having point amendments, so my lack of specialized tools or carefully-bent paper-clips to stand in for such tools has not effect.  The irises bloomed rather well, the tiger lilies likewise, and the wet soil gives up dandelions wonderfully, making my campaign of no pesticides in the garden a lot less of a hassle.  We also appear to be the owners of a volunteer pumpkin, which I think I’ll make sure to keep my son from touching; one does not lightly dismiss faerie kidnap plots.

New story ideas also swarmed into my head and got written down.  This is small comfort today, as the moment I finish up here, I have to attend to the 650 emails that piled up in my absence; this will mainly be deleting things generated by the system here, which I’m usually deleting as they arrive, but some attention has to be paid and thus not much creativity today.  And before anyone suggests otherwise; under no circumstances will I look at Regular Job emails while on vacation.  That’s just silly.

In fact, I’m going to get at that right now, and I’ll tell you all about my dabbling in an alternative lifestyle tomorrow.

Today’s pen: Pilot Vanishing Point
Today’s ink: Montblanc Royal Blue

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