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There’s Something About Genji

Posted by Dirck on 30 May, 2014

Genji Monogatari as a story is… a little inaccessible.  Like The Iliad, a western tale one might compare it to, its original language is one very few people today read, so most of us rely upon translations.

Similarly, Genji Monogatari as a pen is so expensive as to be inaccessible to most of us, and we’ll have to content ourselves with ogling it in the following Filched Friday Film.

If you watched the whole thing, I wager you felt your jaw creeping into a dropped position at how much highly skilled labour is involved; of course it’s expensive! If you’re one of these rare people with the resources to command a direct experience, why not give the poster of the video a jingle?

Today’s pen: Lamy Studio
Today’s ink: Diamine Syrah


2 Responses to “There’s Something About Genji”

  1. What a stunning pen, I have new appreciation for my Urushi pens, even the simplest. Thanks for posting this

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