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What’s All the Hubbub, Bub?

Posted by Dirck on 1 May, 2014

Just a brief break from all the tedium mind-blowing action I’ve been presenting here this week.  I want to say a few words about Pelikans.

First– has anyone signed up for the Pelikan Hubs?  I’ve got my name down, but I suspect their requirement for the event to happen in a city of over 200,000 and the rate of fountain pen user/population in this roaring steppe means I’m unlikely to find myself in attendance.  So far, the only Canadian cities showing a glim are Toronto (26 hours of driving) and Montréal (31 driving hours).

I’ve mentioned in the past that if I’m to declare any allegiance at all to a brand, it’s Sheaffer, but for reasons that almost certainly have foundation in past lives, I really, really like Pelikan.  I had never owned one of their pens until… well, within the past five years, certainly, but I’ve spent much of my life pining for a nice stripey broad-billed pen.  While I scratched that primary itch just over a year ago, they continue to fascinate me, in part because I’m trying to fathom why I can remember being interested in the brand rather before I knew about it.  Thus, getting into a room with a load of Pelikans, even if there were other people around, would be a treat.


I don’t know French well enough to know if there’s a second childish double entendre there or not.  I limit my sniggering to English.

…and the frustration attached to that is probably behind the slightly self-destructive shenanigans I’ve been up to while flogging my pens on eBay.  I bought as well as sold.  The balance column is still firmly in the black, but the original point of turning pens into food is somewhat diluted.  Inbound is a P1, the perplexingly-named hooded pen offered in the late 1960s as a belated effort to chase Parker’s lead (why, with its piston, it’s not an M1, I shall have to try and research).  I defend the purchase on the grounds that the pen was cheap.  It was cheap because it’s not working, but it sounds like the sort of not-working that is within my powers.

Just arrived last night is a Signum P530 (since I’ve yet to run up a page for it, or even take a picture, I offer this link to the curious) and a small pile of parts from various forms of Pelikan made between 1960 and 1975.  This I justify thrice-wise.  First, the Signum went relatively cheaply, I suspect because it was coming from Turkey and a lot of eBay folks in North America have a disinclination to buy from exotic lands.  Second, I {clears throat, looks about sheepishly} needed a Signum to examine and thus enhance my site, increasing traffic, and eventually making me able to retire on repair commissions.  Third, and stop that laughing, my examples of those afore-linked various Pelikans have a bit of a deficit in the area of filler mechanisms; the bag of parts does away with this situation for a very reasonable price, as the nice man only charged one dose of shipping.

The little notice seen to the right was enclosed with the whole affair, as my pleasant Turk had indeed not put a declaration sticker on the outside.  I do find myself wondering what the chaps at the customs shed made of this little pile of mysterious bits, and what sort of watch lists I might have added to.  I console myself that there probably aren’t many watch lists I’m not on, thanks to the low-grade radicalism I get up to on Facebook.

Today’s pen: TWSBI Mini
Today’s ink: Pelikan Royal Blue

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