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Posted by Dirck on 22 April, 2014

So… why was yesterday’s pen combo…

Today’s pen: Pelikan P488
Today’s ink: Diamine Turquoise

…while last Tuesday’s was…

Today’s pen: Waterman Lauréat
Today’s ink: Diamine Turquoise

…hmmm?  Well, there’s a slightly stupid story to tell about that.  If you click on the link for the Lauréat, you’ll see three pictures.  Only two of those pens belong to me.  I got the gun-metal finish some time ago, by the usual route (i.e. a pathetically low-ball bid on eBay), while the blue one had a rather more uplifting story.  You see, a fellow on one of the pen forums was publicly documenting his efforts to lash together a working pen from the components of a couple, and he ended up with “I’ve got a body without a viable section.  Anyone need a good body?”

Silly comedic responses aside, I responded in the affirmative, as I had a section with nothing to live in.  In the end, I got it for nothing, even an offer of covering postage having been declined.  The parts arrived (including the sadly smashed section he’d replaced in the body he liked) and… some time later I unite my section with the new barrel.  Some time passes, this not being a high priority effort, and I get around to taking a picture to add to the site (ibid.), and decide as I do so that it’s about time to actually give the pen an outing.

Now, the lesson we may take that it’s important to give a pen with an obvious item of damage a proper once-over.  Just because all the obvious damage is down by the tail of the barrel, one cannot assume that all the damage is there.  Like, plucking an example out of the air, a very subtle crack at the front of the section.  Not a big deal, but certainly enough for some ink to creep out of and go exploring.  It discovered fingers, but not clothing, so I count it an inexpensive lesson, if one I shouldn’t at this point need.

The aftermath was to leave me with a partially-used cartridge with no place to call home.  Enter the Pelikan Silver Star, the first pen of the right format that fell under my eye.  If I’d have been thinking, I would have used my Sheaffer VFM, which has gone even longer without a run.

Now, as to why I didn’t write this little tale yesterday– I hadn’t touched the fiction-writing since the Wednesday progress report, and I feared a loss of momentum.  In a word: superstition.

Today’s pen: Wality 52
Today’s ink: Noodler’s La Coleur Royale

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