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Things to Avoid

Posted by Dirck on 11 April, 2014

An odd entry on the Friday Filched Film– someone else talking about pens.  What’s odd is that I’m giving it space here, even though I disagree with almost everything said in the first five minutes, and spend the rest of the item switching between quite nodding and surging to my feet, finger poised in the attitude of argument, shouting, “Now just a darned minute, buster!”  I don’t necessarily agree with the suggestions or the reasons, but I support the reasoning process that leads to the suggestions.  Plus, there’s some pretty pens.

He also has the grace to not say, “If you disagree with me, U R STOOPID!!!1!”  For my part, I am more given to positive recommendations than negative– I’ve got pages crammed with suggestions for new users young and less so, while the only pen I really urge anyone to avoid is that horrid Apis.

Today’s pen: Wality 52
Today’s ink: Noodler’s La Coleur Royale


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