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Transmission Troubles

Posted by Dirck on 18 February, 2014

or: There was transmission, and I found it troubling.

The utter silence here over the past few days was not voluntary.  Yesterday is waved away as a regular interruption in honour of “Yes There’s A Holiday Between New Year And Easter Day” (eight years of slightly reducing the incidence of suicide through the combined influences of seasonal misery and workplace stress!).  The rest, though, was a biological process.  I caught… something.  Something respiratory.  Let me examine its phases:

  1. Hey, I’ve caught a cold.
  2. Well, that wasn’t so bad.
  3. Wait, I’m coughing again.
  4. Even shallow coughing prevents sleep, if persistent enough.
  5. Say, that’s right… people die of things like this
  6. I’m not better, but I’m not as bad as I’ve been; a timid “hoorah”.
  7. Thank {insert diety} that’s over.
  8. Gah!  Ear ache!

I’m basing the last stage on the experience of wife and son– I’m hoping I can slide under its radar by not reveling openly in a return to relatively good health.  The last stage seems to last no more than an hour or two, but I’d still rather give it a miss.

There was rather a damper put in Valentine’s Day, of course, in addition to my departure from updates of any sort here.  The writing also suffered; I came near to finishing the one I’ve been working on, but some of the later paragraphs are in a late 15th century Court Hand with cuneiform augmentations.  It may be brilliant, but I’ll need Sir Philip Lugalzagesi of Ur-on-Trent to translate it for me.

I did manage to tremble my way down to the Pen Cave yesterday to see to the resacking of a couple of client Duofolds.  Basic stuff, no heavy lifting, and only just within my powers as they were.  I’m much better today, but I cringe at how much worse I was the previous Thursday.

What really unnerves me out of all of this it the fact that I got vaccinated in the fall.  I’m not going to amend my stance on jabs, even in the wake of this apparent failure.  Rather, I’m going to be a while pondering how bad it might have been if our various immune systems hadn’t had a recent taste of something similar.

I wonder if I’ll be up to summoning Sir Philip’s spirit tomorrow?  I would like to get that story wrapped up– the dancing fever lights suggested a couple of other ideas I’d like to get cracking on.

Today’s pen (also source of comfort and moral support): Pelikan M600
Today’s ink: Pelikan Brilliant Brown (as close to an inherently happy ink as I regularly fly)


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