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Also, an Anecdote

Posted by Dirck on 27 January, 2014

Shortly after writing some of the Purportedly Important Stuff down at the start of Regular Job’s day, I walked to the copier to make more Purportedly Important Stuff to spread around the office.  As I collected the sheets, I noticed my fingers were very slightly stained with the colour of today’s ink.  The big worry– the fingers of my left hand.  How to account for that?

After a few troubled moments, the rational answer fought its way out of the jungle that constitutes the inside of my head.  Remember, it said, the muffins you made this morning?  The ones that took longer than expected to cook, so you were gulping one down even as you were getting your boots one?  The blueberry muffins?

Ah, yes.  What I can’t decide is whether, in my personal context, blueberry stains counts as zebras or horses in the old diagnostician’s saw, “When hearing hoofbeats, don’t assume zebras.”  Perhaps sometimes you get an okapi.

Meanwhile, in the serious part of the lunchbreak–

WHAT:  Typing and re-editing a first draft of a short story “Eyeing the Neighbour” (working title).

HOW MUCH: 727 words(!).

HOW LONG: about 50 min.

DONE?:  Not quite.  If I hadn’t wasted my time with that little story….

Today’s pen: Pelikan M30
Today’s ink: Jentle blue-black

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