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Public Enemy Service Announcement

Posted by Dirck on 24 January, 2014

Yes, I persist in the Friday poaching of Youtube.  Why not?

Here we find in one video two things I rather like– British cinema thugs and useful first aid tips.

The one time I’ve been involved in this sort of thing, the person down the phone said to do 400 compressions, then start with the assisted respiration mask.  Luckily, the ambulance arrived at 397.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer TM Touchdown Statesman
Today’s ink: Diamine Evergreen

3 Responses to “Public Enemy Service Announcement”

  1. That’s pretty funny, and helpful, too! I fortunately have never been in a situation in which I had to do chest compressions, and I hope I never do. And I love how every CPR advice thing tells you to do the compressions to the rhythm of “Stayin’ Alive.”

    On a completely different note, I just gifted myself with a bottle of Stipula/Calamo Deep Blue, and it is DIVINE. It is, I think, my Holy Grail of Blue Ink.

    • I think in one of the follow-ups to this, some successful appliers of the tips reveal that “Another One Bites the Dust” also works, but go on to mention that it’s impolitic to sing aloud under the circumstances.

      …and damn it, ANOTHER blue ink I have to try. So far all the aspirants have had good flow or excellent depth of colour; both in one ink is proving elusive.

      • This one is sublime. It’s not TOO saturated, as some of the Private Reserve or Noodler’s inks can be, and it’s got a very nice flow in my Pelikan.

        The bottle I got contains 70 cl of blue gold—I could certainly part with some if you’d like to try it. Let me know!

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