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ALSO not that one

Posted by Dirck on 24 December, 2013

A brief thrusting-in of head before I enter seasonal incoherence in a proper way– a Freshly Pressed item yesterday alerted me to this little film, and I’m providing a link to an entirely different presentation of it with slightly less commercial additive.  If you haven’t had quite enough Dickens this year, here’s the oldest known film version of his yule parable:

Compact narrative in film-making, back in the then, wasn’t it?  Ho ho ho, one and all, and may the chonologically-arranged ghosts have no cause to upset your sleep tonight.

Today’s pen, writing on the paper of idleness: Sheaffer Thin Model Triumph
Today’s ink, hopefully spent on merry letters once the festivities settle down: Herbin Lie de Thé

2 Responses to “ALSO not that one”

  1. Holy cow. I’ve never seen this before. 1901, how do you like that. To me, Alastair Sim is, and always will be, Scrooge, but this was pretty amazing. Hope you had a good Christmas, sir!

    • An excellent Christmas, and I hope it spread its shining hem across your household also.

      You are absolutely correct on the Sim front. When speaking of Scrooge, it’s not Sim, it’s not him.

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