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Posted by Dirck on 18 December, 2013

I forgot yesterday that today was Regular Job Office Lunch day, so I’m not here.  I suggest as an alternative a review of a terrible Christmas film I hope to never see (the ads when it came out offended deeply, and the review puts a stake through the coffin).  I don’t agree with everything the reviewer says, but this…

 I’ve never known a kid who likes seeing other kids in movies. As kids we want to see adults doing the things we imagine ourselves doing as adults, that’s why we loved STAR WARS and JAWS.

…is a long-held belief I’m so happy to hear from an other mouth that I can’t but love him for it.

Although as a kid, Jaws was entirely too much for me.

Today’s pen: TWSBI Vac 700
Today’s ink: Wancher Imari


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