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First Principles

Posted by Dirck on 1 November, 2013

Merry Fountain Pen Day!  I hope you’re all enjoying the day in an appropriate manner.  I’m being slightly inappropriate, stealing a few minutes from The Regular Job to be inflate my usual Friday output, because I want to mention some of my reactions to today’s pen… because it’s my first.

Not, THE first, which as I’ve mentioned previously is long since lost to the careless actions of a much younger me, but it’s of the same mold.  It has been rather a while since I used one of these, and I was curious, at the end of a cycle of relatively snooty, upper-shelf pens, how I’d react to this old chap.

It’s… a little scratchy, and I won’t whitewash that with the euphemistic “toothy”.  However, this is mainly because it’s one that has seen a lot of use– it’s starting to get a foot on its tipping.  In fact, if I’d not lost and/or abused into uselessness that pen from the long-ago days of elementary school, it would probably be in much the same state as this one, so the illusion of it being that initial pen is strong.

It’s also quite wet, which makes me wonder how I avoided making unconscionable messes of all my school work, especially considering the school-provided notebooks were made of paper not much different from the horrid brown paper towels in the school washrooms.  No wonder, though, at the rate of cartridge use; good thing they were much less expensive then than now, with inflation figured in.

It is ergonomically undistinguished… but by comparison to the Bic sticks all the other kids were using, it at least has the a little shaping on the section to inform the fingers that they’ve got a place in the operation.  In this, it’s essentially the same as a Pelikan Souverän to a willing mind.

No, it’s really not as good as the big kids I’ve been using lately.  But for something that cost as much as five of the cheap Bics it shared shelf space with on the stationery shelf at the old neighbourhood drugstore, it’s a damn good pen.  I’m glad I’ve still got it… er… one.

Now, because it is Friday and Fountain Pen Day, a couple of short features.  The first is a quick examination of the charms of the fountain pen, and the second is an explanation of how it’s not, as of right now, too late to get in on a big Fountain Pen Day contest.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer cartridge pen, third generation
Today’s ink: Skrip blue-black

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