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Posted by Dirck on 21 October, 2013

Well, it’s probably not an ulcer, or anything more dire, and the medication I’ve been given to address the more troubling symptoms is doing all I could hope.  As there’s plenty of “personal health trouble” blogs, I’ll furl this topic until it demands attention once more (let it be a good long time, too) and return to abstruse muttering about fountain pens.

An item I was reading on one of the fora began with a fellow saying that he’d noticed his boss’s pen.  He admired it aloud, and the boss said something to the effect of, “Oh, this old thing?  Just a Pelikan, no big deal,” and denied it was worth any substantial money.  Struck by the attractiveness of the pen in question, our informant set about ordering one of his own, and when he had it in hand was somewhat surprised to find a size differential something like this:


And the point on his didn’t have two-tone masking, either.  The conclusion was that from the information he’d been given, his assumption of a moderate M215 was reasonable, but boss clearly had an M1000, which is not only loads bigger but costs a lot more.

Without any solid reason, indeed founded entirely on my assumptions from the tale related to me, I like this guy’s boss.  Did he lie?  Well, yes.  But he also refrained from the sort of bragging that gets me all riled up when I think about pens that cost more than $500.  Above that price, and one can generally assume that the purchase is predicated upon showing off (a rant I’ve previously had, but cannot find), but in this case we seem to find someone who bought a quite expensive pen for qualities other than the power of showing away it conveys.\

Some might argue, and did, that to say of such a pen that it didn’t cost a great deal shows a deformation of the sense of relative costs; for most of us, “not expensive” usually lies below the twenty dollar mark, while for the infamous one-percenters the decimal skids several places to the right.  The sense I got from the reporter didn’t convey that, though.  It may have been the obfuscation of one who suddenly decided he’d paid far too much for the item in question, but it could equally be someone who didn’t want the big deal made of the item, if big deal was to be made, to be about the cost when it could be about the fine looks and excellent writing properties.

I prefer the latter.  It suggests someone with their priorities in some semblance of sensible order, and we need more of those.

Today’s pen (the cost of which I’m apt to mumble if asked directly): Waterman Carène
Today’s ink: Herbin Poussière de Lune


3 Responses to “Self-depricating”

  1. Biber said

    But those pens are the same. Same photo in fact. Did I miss something?

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