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The Trailer of the Soundtrack of the Film of the Book….

Posted by Dirck on 27 September, 2013

Well, it looks like those 10,000 angry people have mostly registered their disapproval, and the tide starts to ebb.  Just in time for me to go and have an off-campus lunch!  Friday remains film day, and since I mentioned a grail recently, this seems appropriate:

Like an real trailer, it gives no real sense of the movie it’s presenting.  Unlike a real trailer, it doesn’t quite wave the ending nor the shocking twist unavoidably under one’s nose.

On a personal note– back in 1986 or ’87, I went to a talk Graham Chapman gave.  He revealed that the combination of drugs and liquor he was indulging in at the time meant that for a couple of the more intense scenes he forgot he was making a movie, and thought that he was in fact in danger of being cast off the Bridge of Death.  Knowing that, one marvels at how collected his performance in scene 22 was.

Today’s Pen: Parker 180
Today’s ink: Pelikan violet


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