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At Least Two Rs

Posted by Dirck on 25 September, 2013

The headache-producer yesterday grows into a time-eater today.  I’m going to abandon my post here in favour of being able to get away promptly at day’s end to vote in an important referendum (being opposed to the thing in question, I am of course supporting the “Yes” position).  I’ll leave you to ponder this entirely silent film showing a bit of disposable bottle retasked as a pen.

As a supporter of recycling, I’m not sure where I stand.  I love the idea of reuse of refuse, but I worry about extracting the material from the recycling stream.  One bottle should see a mess of writing done, though….

Today’s pen: Hero 100
Today’s ink: Herbin Lis de Thé


6 Responses to “At Least Two Rs”

  1. tim said

    Great video and fantastic script – and of a lefty to boot! My my, is there hope for my own south paw scrawl? Thanks for the video. Plastic real does have wide ranging applications doesn’t it. Makes me want to tinker around with a milk jug.

    • Milk Jug! Like the burghers of Gordium, I don’t see the obvious answer hanging in front of me. With young Gargantua in the house, we go through vast amounts of milk, and materials galore are right at hand. Thanks for the nudge, and good luck taming your unruly sinister script!

      • tim said

        Yes, plastic milk jugs have multitudinous post-milk vessel uses. Having been an “early music” person in a previous life, I know that the plastic from milk jugs was often used to make crumhorn reeds. It never dawned on me to use it to approximate a crow’s quill flex nib until I saw the video you posted. Ah the potential. regrettably I’m not inclined (on so many levels, but laziness rules out) to try it myself.

        ttfn my friend

      • tim said

        Almost forgot – re sinister script. I’ve often thought of trying to dexterious just to see how it would go, and I could really see some potential there, but the aforementioned sloth keeps getting in the way, so sinister I shall remain.

  2. […] longed between frustrations.  But it’s the Ahab that I’m going to be trying that plastic nib trick with when I finally have a […]

    • tim said

      Do share the results of your efforts! Perhaps there are other household plastic products which might also fit the application at hand? Maybe even more suitably at that.

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