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Let’s Leave That Light Out.

Posted by Dirck on 24 September, 2013

A headache induced my The Regular Job prompts me to neglect composition today (from the Marketing Department: “We’ve just done something that will make 10,000 people angry with the company.  They’ll all be calling you about it.”).  I’ll just mention two things:

  • That deeply-resistant Vacumatic is home and functional after a social call on the owner last night.  Its problems were in the main down to too-liberal application of shellac– it is a useful substance, but it doesn’t go on every soft rubber surface;
  • Last day of the sale!  I’d come up with some ingenuous exhortation in the direction of acquisitiveness, but I’m rather down on the whole notion of marketing today.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Sovereign II (not, alas a sovereign remedy for headaches)
Today’s ink: Diamine Evergreen (definitely a calming shade)


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