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Commercial Crassness

Posted by Dirck on 19 September, 2013

The second round, and even though a day has passed, the deadline remains the same: act before Tuesday 24 September, or seek them on my Etsy site and pay more for shipping.  Repeating yesterday’s explanation;  until this coming Tuesday, these items are only available to readers here, and there’s a $10 discount on shipping (which I’ll go into below).  Come the 24th, these things go onto Etsy, and a slightly wider slice of humanity gets a run at them.  If there’s any left.  To get at them, go to the official spam-guardian of my site and send me a message that way; first come, first grab, as is ever the way.

Most of the pictures below will grow if clicked upon.

Sheaffer Fashion:

Sheaffer 0423p

That’s just plating– it’s a steel point.

Sheaffer 0423ws

A Sheaffer Fashion in one of its more restrained colour schemes; one of the factors which had led me to think it was a TRZ.  The early version point without impression is another.  This is a surprisingly comfortable pen for such a slender object, and I part with it mainly because I’m not deeply enamored of the cylindrical styling.  When I got it, the section was crammed with ink and in three unconnected parts; you may rest assured that it is cleaned and sealed properly now.  I’ll be sending along an appropriate cartridge, since they’re no longer to be found ; $30

Sheaffer 74SR:

Sheaffer 0327c

Capped, one gets a better sense of the “S” in the model designation.

Sheaffer 0327p

There is a hint of brassing about the hardware (lever too).

There is a hint of brassing about the hardware (lever too).  The lint on the cap is removable.

Sheaffer 0327wsI know I’ll regret parting with this Sheaffer 74SR— I wear vests often enough that I get use out of ring-tops.  However, I’ve got others, and this is one of the more presentable and thus marketable ones in my pile.  There is engraving on the band, “KLM-WUM” which means that back in the 1920s it was stuffed with meaning we can only speculate on now.  There is some scuffing on the cap, just above the band; it’s not hideous, but it’s present and it renders this example of the model well clear of mint.  Resacked in 2011, so it should be good for a long while yet – $65

Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral:

Deployed for filling-- you can almost hear it slavering.

Deployed for filling– you can almost hear it slavering.

Sometimes, the unpredictable swings of my camera make for a really excellent close-up rather than otherwise.

Sometimes, the unpredictable swings of my camera make for a really excellent close-up rather than otherwise.

Sheaffer 0105wsThere is a very modern springiness to the point of this Admiral, which I hope will not be mistaken for actual flexibility; Sheaffer would have put a second F on the point code if that were the case.  The sac and seals were all replaced about four years ago, and proper hygiene has been observed since; complete fills are taking place.  While I still call this a user-grade pen, since it’s been used quite a bit, the body and hardware are in very good condition – $75

Parker “17” Lady:

Personalization- a hook for a narrative or a defacement?

Personalization- a hook for a narrative or a defacement?

The sac isn't entirely clear, but it is certainly transparent enough to check reserves

The sac isn’t entirely clear, but it is certainly transparent enough to check reserves


Parker 0034wsThis “17” Lady has a personalization on it, so those to whom such things are anathema will want to move right along.  It is a very small pen, hard for the medium-large handed to use without posting, but for those who do manage to grip it, it has a very rewarding point on it– a fat wet gold one.  The trim is in good shape, but some scuffs from cap/body interaction are present – $30

Waterman Garland:

Waterman 0404p

Waterman 0404wsI had “Lady” on the brain thanks to the previous item when I did the writing sample for this, which is simple a Garland.  It is dark brown, not black; my camera is more easily confused in this than the human eye.  Resacked last year.  The body is rather matte from long use, but the cap and hardware have stood up better– the cap is, I hasten to point out, not perfect in this regard, but it is free of dents, dings, and scratches.  It is not marked as gold-filled, and to be honest the period catalogue is a little evasive on the point; the Stateleigh, which by model number is the full-length version of this, declares outright that it has a gold-filled cap, but I hesitate to declare it as such.  I find I neglected a capped picture; this is not the sort with a clear “gum-drop” tail, which is less decorative but also not given to disintegration- $47

Waterman Apostrophe:

Waterman 0451pc

If you know that corporate logo, you’re ahead of me.

Waterman 0451wsThe Apostrophe is really a student pen with some nice colours applied, and I’m not going to try to hype it up beyond that.  It has it in its power to be a decent daily-use pen which one won’t be too worried about dropping or lending; I bought it mainly to be able to include it on my site, and now it’s better off where it will be used.  When I was doing up the writing sample, I wasn’t altogether happy with the amount of tooth it showed, so it will see some smoothing before it leaves me; Waterman may not have been embarrassed to sell it in this state, but I am – $32

Parker Frontier:

Do you like a squishy section?

Do you like a squishy section?

Parker 0249wsThe Parker Frontier is also a pretty low-end pen, and this is not a high-trim version of it.  It is, however, a much more functional and appealing pen than when it arrived in my world.  It has been my practice piece for barrel polishing, leaving only a tiny crater on barrel which I suspect to have been left by an attempt upon the pen with a small nail.  I’ve had the section apart to address flow problems, which also saw some messing with the slit.  It’s a thoroughly overhauled pen, which doesn’t mean it’s any better than it actually should have been in the first place – $15

Back To School (+ some days) Special:

Take the Frontier and the Apostrophe together, and they will cost you only $41– and all the other kids in class will go crosseyed with envy! (Note – no guarantee of cross-eyed classmates is offered.  Any ocular injuries sustained through envy or other means are the responsibility of the user)

On Shipping:(which if you read yesterday’s, you’ll recognize for a mere cut’n’paste job)

Remembering that I’m taking $10 off; these are the UNDISCOUNTED prices– inside Canada, Expresspost is $15, which is insured and tracked.  To the US, Tracked Packet (which has $100 insurance built in) is $17;  if you’re buying a whole lotta pens and want more insurance, we’d have to take a step up to Expedited Parcel which is $22 plus $2 for every hundred in insurance above $100.  Outside of Canada, we start to run into problems; untracked Small Packet Air are (using the UK as an example, but it’s not much more to Australia) $10, but you’re taking the risk on your own head because all I can produce is a receipt saying I paid for SOMETHING to be sent SOMEWHERE.  To get tracking and insurance, there’s International Parcel-Surface for $40 or Tracked Packet for $47, with the same $2 increments for extra insurance; more certain, but certainly expensive.

Also, because I’m dribbling this out in installments, I won’t insist on immediate payment.  If you want something here, and have some notion you might like something in a subsequent dose (I expect to have two more entries like this), I will hold for you until all is revealed.  However, that request to hold should be understood as a binding commitment, so don’t ask me to hold something you maybe possibly want unless something better appears.

One more batch should do it– stay tuned tomorrow!

Today’s won’t-be-sold pen: TWSBI Diamond 540
Today’s ink: Private Reserve Supershow Blue


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