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Crass Commerciality

Posted by Dirck on 18 September, 2013

Roll up, roll up!  Kindly ignore the “Ad-Free” sign to the left, as this entry is in essence one big fat ad, although it’s one of my own making.  This is the first of what may grow to as many as three installments in my current attempt to spread the love of pens while and at the same time reducing the indebtedness that counts as being middle class these days.

What’s in it for you?  Well, until this coming Tuesday, these items are only available to readers here, and there’s a $10 discount on shipping (which I’ll go into below).  Come the 24th, these things go onto Etsy, and a slightly wider slice of humanity gets a run at them.  If there’s any left.  To get at them, go to the official spam-guardian of my site and send me a message that way; first come, first grab, as is ever the way.

Now, if we’re all sitting comfortably, let’s start the show.  Most of the pictures below will grow if clicked upon.

Sheaffer Balance Miss Universe, Golden Pearl:

and isn’t she a beauty?

Ambered, but only to the actual colour of amber.  Yes, there is a little staining in there too.

Ambered, but only to the actual colour of amber. Yes, there is a little staining in there too.

The full disclosure shot-- there is a plating failure on the clip, but the base appears to be silver.

The full disclosure shot– there is plating failure on the clip.

Sheaffer 0339wsMiss Universe is the ladies’ version of the Craftsman, so it’s a slender as well as a short pen.  User-grade, and pretty much everything I have is, with a silicon sac installed so the colour will remain as it currently is – $45

Sheaffer Balance Junior, Marine Green CLAIMED:

Not the utter clarity it would have had new, but the green fits with the general scheme.

Not the utter clarity it would have had new, but the green fits with the general scheme.

Sheaffer 0316cbr

A spot of brassing on the clip, but NOT a crack– that’s a cat hair (hopefully not included)

Sheaffer 0316ws

Sheaffer Junior, which is the same size as Miss Universe but with lesser trim and a more easily-damaged point.  In this case, the frequently questionable nickel (I think) plating pretty firmly in place, bar that one dot on the end of the clip.  If I were charging for the amount of effort it took to get the section out to replace the sac (which is now silicone), only Trumps and Buffets need apply, but since I’m not silly that way… – $45

Sheaffer Vigilant:

There is a cap, I promise.

There is a cap, I promise.

See? And it’s a jim-dandy!

The two-tone masking isn't perfect...

The two-tone masking isn’t perfect…

...and there's nothing to be done for this strange alignment failure of the blind cap.

…and there’s nothing to be done for this strange alignment failure of the blind cap.

Sheaffer 225wsOne of my early survivors of the surgery to restore vacuum filling, this Vigilant is, apart from the pre-operative oddity with its blind cap, a rather nice example of the military-clip Balance.  The cap hardware shows no brassing, the flow is good, and the filler with its new piston rubber and o-ring based replacement for the packing takes in an unreasonable amount of ink. – $65

Parker 45, Made in Argentina:

Steel point.  Don't let me tell you it isn't.

Steel point. Don’t let me tell you it isn’t.

A double-jewel 45? How odd!

Parker 0429wsArgentine Parker 45, which apart from some variations in trim is the same as anywhere else’s Parker 45.  Those differences are the treatment of the tail and a clip as one would usually find on a 61.  With a date-code of U, it could be from 1989 or 1999; either way, thay chalk-mark has been there quite a while.  Will you be the one to rub it off? – $32

Waterman Harmonie:

You'd never think it once had a dreadful disalignment, would you?

You’d never think it once had a dreadful dis-alignment, would you?

Waterman 0388def

There is, however, a break in the finish under the clip’s foot.

Waterman 0458wsThis Waterman Harmonie is one of my shelter-rescues; taken in from the hard streets of eBay with a crippling tine deformity, it is now able to go into the world a functional pen.  In setting the point right, I also had the feed out, and I’ve used it exactly once since then – $40

Mabie, Todd & Co. Swallow:

Capped, to show the interesting posting fixture

Capped, to show the interesting posting fixture

Good ol' IPG.  At least it's a decent one.

Good ol’ IPG. At least it’s a decent one.

M-T 0312ws

Swallow it is, although the claim to MabieToddship is a little tenuous, as it’s from the slightly mysterious modern re-animation of the company’s name.  While it’s a good writer and has a roller-clip that’s easy on the pocket, I find that it’s just too darned heavy for me to use with any real delight.  I admit that my disinclination to heaviness is not universal, and hope this otherwise nice pen finds a place it will be appreciated – $35

Parker 21, Mk. II CLAIMED:

Parker 0283dis

The sac is darkened…

...and there's a little scuff under the foot of the clip.

…and there’s a little scuff under the foot of the clip.

Parker 0283wsUnlike many Parker “21”s, this one is not cracked.  That’s always a bit of an open question, of course, so I don’t use this one for fear of amending that status.  If you are less fretful than I, you can revel in the pleasant writing powers of this pen, and I’ve priced it to reflect the potential for it not lasting too long – $15

Sheaffer Award CLAIMED:

Sheaffer 0439

Capped to show the slightly horrid but very effective late-model cap station on the tail.

The well-known and time-tested Sheaffer steel point, plus a squishy grip.

The well-known and time-tested Sheaffer steel point, plus a squishy grip.

Sheaffer 0439ws

The Sheaffer Award is an odd duck to me; I like it, and I’m only selling one of the two I have, but I would never hold it up as a paragon of beauty.  I would hold it up as a reliable pen, and with this finish a reasonably sturdy one as well – $20

Sheaffer Viewpoint CLAIMED:

Sheaffer Vwpt

Sheaffer ViewwsBI came into this Viewpoint as part of a lot of pens, and it’s definitely surplus to needs; I’ve got a full set of No Nonsense calligraphy points and my wife only uses the fine italic points for her writing while this thing mounts a bold.  I’m very unsure of its origin– the point suggests late Chinese manufacture, but the feed is the No Nonsense style rather than the much smaller type I’m used to seeing on Viewpoints of any age – $8

And How’s THIS for a bargain?

The industrious person who takes the “21”, the Award and the Viewpoint as a clump will get three pens for $37!  I must be slightly unbalanced!

On Shipping:

Remembering that I’m taking $10 off; these are the UNDISCOUNTED prices– inside Canada, Expresspost is $15, which is insured and tracked.  To the US, Tracked Packet (which has $100 insurance built in) is $17;  if you’re buying a whole lotta pens and want more insurance, we’d have to take a step up to Expedited Parcel which is $22 plus $2 for every hundred in insurance above $100.  Outside of Canada, we start to run into problems; untracked Small Packet Air are (using the UK as an example, but it’s not much more to Australia) $10, but you’re taking the risk on your own head because all I can produce is a receipt saying I paid for SOMETHING to be sent SOMEWHERE.  To get tracking and insurance, there’s International Parcel-Surface for $40 or Tracked Packet for $47, with the same $2 increments for extra insurance; more certain, but certainly expensive.

Also, because I’m dribbling this out in installments, I won’t insist on immediate payment.  If you want something here, and have some notion you might like something in a subsequent dose (I expect to have two more entries like this), I will hold for you until all is revealed.  However, that request to hold should be understood as a binding commitment, so don’t ask me to hold something you maybe possibly want unless something better appears.

And that’s it for today.

Today’s not-currently-for-sale pen: Hero 100
Today’s ink: Herbin Lis de Thé

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