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Two-Fisted Action!

Posted by Dirck on 12 September, 2013

…is not appearing in this blog, although I will vaguely describe the matter.  It does, indeed, involve using both hands.

I’m opening the recently-populated drawers of the great paper pen cabinets in quasi-secret underground lair, and contrary to the Scrooge McDuck-style pastime of diving into the pens like a dolphin I’m looking at them closely, evaluating their intrinsic and extrinsic worth, and in many cases moving them to another drawer which is labelled “To Be Sold.”

And this time I mean it.

I’m been examining the effects of the purported economic boom we’re told my part of the continent is basking in.  I’m not very pleased with the conclusions, in the assets/debts department.   Having several of one pen, or a bunch of very similar pens (like the Sheaffer Balance crowd), becomes a little foolish with this harsh light cast upon it, so I’m getting serious about the selling side of things.  Somewhat serious, at least.  For some reason, probably connected with one of Freud’s less-fun drives,  I’m hanging onto both my Parker 75s and both my Sheaffer Targas.

However, I have a pretty fair heap of pens that should move on, and I think I’m going to do something a little whimsical with the process of selling.  Rather than just flinging them into my stall on Esty and making a brief note about the event somewhere here, I’m going to give my readers first crack and probably something of a break on prices.  Over the weekend, I’m going to be looking at what the current market opinion is on the right prices for what I’ve got to offer, and next week this learning will form the foundation of a posting here.  A week or so later, any survivors will get flung into the Etsy pool, with possible tours of FPN and FPGeeks classified sections.

I’ll probably do this in more than one installment, too.  I believe I mentioned that those drawers are pretty big.

Today’s pen: Parker Super 21
Today’s ink: Jentle blue-black


3 Responses to “Two-Fisted Action!”

  1. cybaea said

    I’m excited. And more than a little scared that I will spend too much 😀

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