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On Crack

Posted by Dirck on 11 September, 2013

I’m even now on crack, and it’s really bringing me down– this is not the usual effect, I’m told.

The crack, or rather cracks, are in today’s pen.  This is not a big surprise, and I’d already noticed one of them the last time I used it, a little quarter-crescent by the clip.  This morning, though, I was doing my pre-launch walk-around of the pen (pilots do it with their planes, so why shouldn’t I?), I found a more alarming one, running down a bit more than 2cm from the rear face of the barrel.


This is not an unknown development with this model of pen, and I think I was overdue for it, as I’ve been feeling smug about my own personal lack of experience of the failure.  Smugness breeds comeuppance, as we all know.

Opening sentences aside, I’m not too undone by this development.  In the instant practicality, the crack doesn’t extend so far as to threaten the seal of the piston.  I thus persisted in my choice of pen for today’s use, reasonably confident that I won’t get a load of ink down my front (note, oh Spirit of Comeuppance, I say “reasonably”).  In a more long-term consideration, TWSBI is a giant of after-sale customer service and I  am rather more confident that if I mention the problem directly to them, I’ll find them more than willing to make things right.

However, I don’t know that I’m going to pursue TWSBI.  I’m usually a strong advocate of chasing warranties, as a way of keeping manufacturers honest.  In this case, though, I feel that the lesson has certainly gone home, since there is this amazing reputation for doing the right thing when the product has a failure, and there’s also the 580 model with its reinforcing band.  I’m probably too old-school Canadian in not wanting to take advantage in this situation; my current thinking is to retire today’s pen, setting is aside for the unlikely-to-ever-exist Museum of The Pen as an example of product evolution.

…and eventually buy a 580.  I need one for the web-page, anyway.

Today’s pen: TWSBI Diamond 540
Today’s ink: Private Reserve Supershow Blue


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