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A Fig for Convention

Posted by Dirck on 3 September, 2013

I’m given to overdressing.  I may even be accused of taking a small and slightly guilty joy in it.  When I thus complain of being over-dressed today, we run up against another of the odd conceptual wombles of the English language.  I like dressing a couple of stages of formality above what the daily average really calls for.  I dislike being stifled under too many layers of overly heavy cloth.  As an aside, I dislike under-dressing taken in either sense to much the same degree, but today I could only really manage it on the formality front.

I don’t mean to complain about warm weather.  Apart from general principles of Canadian life, the end of last winter was such a protracted affair that an extension of summery-ness is just about due.  Looking at it in that light, I welcome the rather Floridian cast to today’s weather.  Florida in my own experience, I should say, which was in February– hot, muggy, perhaps even sultry.  We are promised at least a week more of similar, and I’ll happily clap onto it as a mere freak of weather rather than fidget about its implications for the global climate.  Taken with last May… and much of July, frankly… there’s no serious effect on the year’s average.

There is, however, an effect on me, the idiot clothes horse.  This past weekend was Labour Day, which I imagine was moved from May 1 to keep North American industrialists from getting too worried about the Reds, and the revealed word of Fashion has it that this particular holiday is the border beyond which summer kit must not cross.  So I left the house this morning wearing something other than my linen jacket and Panama hat.

Swelter.  Misery.  Bedragglement.

And so, Fashion, the back of my hand to you.  The summer kit will bow to the weather, not the calendar.  I’ll want ten layers of wool soon enough.

Today’s pen: Pelikan P488 (and a good job it’s not a black hard rubber model)
Today’s ink: Kaweco blue-black


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