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Posted by Dirck on 29 August, 2013

I am a fan of handwriting.  If I were a little more energetic, I might even aspire to being a champion of it, but I think “booster” is are far as I rise, and I decline the pompoms which frequently attend the office.  At various points in the past on this very enterprise, I’ve had little contemplations of the future of the skill, sometimes dark, sometimes tinted with optimism.  Recently I ran across another article on which repeats the “keep that, it’s more important than you think” line regarding handwriting, and I think anyone with an interest in handwriting, cognition, or retention of studied material should give it a look.

Because I got almost no sleep last night (different food, possibly a different poison, much the same result), I’m not going to comment at length on the article, but in light of my recent admission of density and a frequent failure to recall whether I’ve previously touched on a topic in this blog, I find the central message of “handwritten = retained” very interesting.  Neither my site nor this thing see any non-keyboard composition, and even when I’m not in a state where shoe-tying is a feat of supreme dexterity I have a certain amount of trouble remembering what I’ve written.  I won’t, from embarrassment, be specific about how long it took me to turn up those self-directed links in the previous paragraph.

A member of a pre-literate culture would of course respond, “Of course you can’t remember things.  You’ve written them down.”  On the whole, though, I think I’ll stick with literacy in its diverse forms than toss it all in hopes of being able to recite The Iliad one day.

Today’s tool of memory enhancement: Sheaffer Imperial IV (which I had to look up the Roman numeral of)
Today’s ink, taking important notes like “buy more butter”: Herbin Poussière de Lune


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