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Posted by Dirck on 20 August, 2013

Looking back over the years (!) of entries, I find this to be the anniversary of a glaring oversight which I will now attempt to put right.

There's a kid with a clear sense of how much fun his future offers.

There’s a kid with a clear sense of how much fun his future offers.

Today is the birthday of, if the dubious citations of the internet are to be trusted, the kid in this picture: the eminent weird fiction author and recurrent racist Howard Phillips Lovecraft!

My regard for the writing of this chap is pretty open, and so profound that I can bring myself to overlook some of his socio-political views (an effort helped by some of his other socio-political views).  Often verbose, sometimes stilted, and far too given to Fainting Protagonist Syndrome, the underlying notions in his stories about what constitutes horror, at least in its entertaining arms-length form, are brilliant.  So brilliant in fact that I’m not going to cheapen the effect by trying to illuminate the matter in the short time I have available to me for these writings.

Instead, I’m going to suggest that you sing a round of “Happy Birthday” in a gargling, strangled voice, then treat yourself to a very elegant reading of “The Call of Cthulhu“, one of his best works and most frequently suggested as representative of his approach.  Then, if you’ve got time and are unconvinced, you can listen to a discussion of why people like me trot out the word “brilliant” in connection with a fellow who never got rich on his writing.

If you want to make me the most jealous guy in North America, you’ll follow that up with a visit to the big Lovecraft convention this weekend.  I’ll sit here safely distant from the thriving subaquaous terrors of the Atlantic (as well as the slumbering awfulness of the Pacific’s floor), not at all wishing I were there, learning new ways to revel.

That's right-- you go ahead and smile.  You're loved by millions.

That’s right– you go ahead and smile. You’re the idol of millions, many of whom are not confined to a secret garret by their nervous families.

Today’s pen: Waterman 52 (it’s known he used Watermans, and this is a popular model; I can claim kinship almost as straight-facedly as August Derleth did)
Today’s ink: Noodler’s Tulipe Noire (good for writing dark if slightly purple things, and it creeps….)

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