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The Rugen Protocol

Posted by Dirck on 30 July, 2013

Pain is a source of great interest to some folks.  I’m not particularly fascinated by it, though.  It is a useful warning, of course, the Darwinian equivalent of the old “It hurts when I do this/then stop doing that” gag, but now that it has fulfilled its function in Sunday’s gravity-powered escapade, I wish it would go peddle its fish somewhere else.  At this point, there’s no amount of polydactyl Christoper Guests would make the current situation anything other than the great drag it is.  However, in the interests of science, I offer the following:

  • it is little wonder that sufferers of chronic pain turn to extremities.  As little pain as I’m in (and I don’t fool myself on this, it’s small) if it were to persist more than I week I’d be looking into elective amputation;
  • Lon Chaney may have hurt his wrists before the filming of the big “Taking Minutes at the Anarchist’s Meeting” scence in The Ace of Hearts, which I referenced in the spring.  In my current state, that’s a rather more comfortable grip than my usual;
  • While typing doesn’t technically agitate the damaged joints, it begins to affect them by proximity.  Therefore, END.

Today’s pen: Lamy Studio
Today’s ink: Lamy blue.

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