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Hidden Shame

Posted by Dirck on 25 July, 2013

Searching through this extended exercise will find plenty of instances of both Hubris and Irony.  I fear the former, since the comeuppance is generally quite rough, and the latter has rather worn out her welcome.  Apparently, though, yesterday’s entry was the rolling out of a welcome mat for both of them, although it’s not what they wiped their shoes on.

I had an item of work which Regular Job Superior had to initial.  RJS is sometimes elusive, and I couldn’t count on her having a pen to hand when she appeared.  Yesterday’s pen seems robust enough, but it’s relatively old and I don’t know it well enough to know how it would stand up to a non-fountain person; thus, the Hero 616 bait pen I keep on hand went into a pocket.  My shirt yesterday has a superfluous pocket above the main, meant for stowing glasses, and to ensure I came out with the right pen that’s where the Hero went; I know my own powers of Klutzy well enough to know that if they were adjacent, I’d produce the Pelikan, and didn’t feel like looking like a pen-fixated twit through swapping after the fact.

It is, of course, known at The Regular Job, that I am a pen-fixated twit, but there’s no need to emphasize the point with Jerry Lewis style flailing.

A couple of hours later, I cornered RJS in her office, she provided the initials with the instruments she was holding, and that was that.  I returned to my desk, went about my duties, and about an hour later, thought that I should return the 616 to its lurking place before I forgot about it completely and took it home.  I took hold of the clip, began to slide it out of my pocket, and realized it was suspiciously light.

Things I learned about the Hero 616 that previous inspection hadn’t really brought forth:

  • The cap doesn’t grab on nearly as well as anything Parker made of a similar shape (bad);
  • It doesn’t dry out if the cap is about 50% engaged (should be good, but isn’t);
  • The collector doesn’t hold anything like as much as that in a Parker 51 (should be bad, but isn’t).

The pen had dropped well down into the pocket, and while it had remained upright it had the entire contents of its collector to donate to the fabric it now found itself in contact with.  This should have been a disaster, except that the peculiar multiplicity of upper-left quadrant pockets put and unusual number of layers between the pen and the viewing public.  Ink passed from the outermost layer of the interior pocket to the innermost layer of the normally-present pocket, with a great deal of lateral creeping in both cases.  The presence of a note-pad in the standard pocket limited contact between its inner and outer portions, even though it was below the source of ink, so only a little vestigial stain got onto the outermost element.  That happened on the back of the turn-over at the pocket’s top– a hem, in effect, three layers of cloth wide.  The ink didn’t have sufficient drive to push all the way through to the outside.

In a sideways manner, one could call me lucky at the outcome.

Other things I learned from the event:

  • It might not kill me to offer someone a ballpoint– I can touch it without either using it or bursting into flames;
  • Amodex has limits of effectiveness;
  • I am apt to harbour a grudge towards the Hero 616 for a while;
  • I can overcome a grudge against an inanimate object sufficiently to keep it where I can see it.  It’s right there!  I’m pointing at it, the dog!

On the Amodex note, I don’t mean to decry its usefulness.  While the innermost stain remains in place, it’s reduced to a slightly bluish tan, and the little stain just inside the pocket is abolished outright.  It’s just that there was a lot of ink involved.

Today’s pen: Parker 45
Today’s ink: Jentle blue-black


2 Responses to “Hidden Shame”

  1. Flounder said

    Consider a 3 pack of 616 Jumbos! While the clutch baskets within the cap are fairly uniform, the engineers at Hero make them with a clever variation in the diameter of the section clutch rings. This tireless dedication means the user can choose between a satisfying, positive action or a tremendous amount of tension by swapping the caps around.

    • Oh, there’s much more play to be had in a ten-pack, but you’re quite right about the concern with Hero’s people regarding enrichment activities for we users.

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