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Posted by Dirck on 23 July, 2013

Yesterday’s little lapse, which I will not assume is the result of a long-gestating part of Thomas Edison’s plan to discredit alternative current, was not entirely unwelcome.  There wasn’t much on my mind yesterday, and that situation persists.  I have no particularly interesting events from the weekend work-bench to offer up, as apart from a somewhat bashful Balance (c’mon, everyone else is letting their sections be removed) there’s little meat for discussion there.  The biggest activity of the the weekend was the discovery that the prophylactic measures we’ve been taking to prevent clogs from developing in the drain-line shared by kitchen and laundry room are insufficient, but the extended dance mix of “Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting… a combination of cat hair, grease and less definable organic material” isn’t really entertainment in my books.

Although, I take a grain of pride in not having to have a plumber see to the matter.

The effect of northern hemisphere summer, I suppose.  I notice a certain trailing off of interest on the pen fora, and the stats for my site have dipped lately, too.  Can it be that we’re all getting outside and enjoying the fresh air?  I know I rather wish that’s what I was doing right now, the dose of soft summery-ness garnered on my lunch walk being nothing like sufficient, given the vibrating abundance of it on hand and the knowledge that we’re creeping towards the sadder solstice.

Yep.  Tabula very nearly rasa.  I think I’m going to spend the rest of the lunch break staring at the upper branches of a tree conveniently near the window of Regular Job.

Today’s pen (also lounging indolently): Lamy Studio
Today’s ink: Lamy blue.

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