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Summer Drive-in Horror Marathon.

Posted by Dirck on 12 July, 2013

One of the (many) things I miss slightly in this current age is the experience of the drive-in theatre.  The last one here closed down rather recently, so my nostalgia doesn’t extend more than a decade into the past, but the associated items of memory stretch back to a time when the drive-in was slighly unsavoury– a place for the big kids to go and watch scary movies is how my own recall of it lies.  Looking at the movie listings in the newspaper (as a kid, my reading order was Impenetrable Editorial Cartoon, Theatre Notices, and Comics, although I never did get the attraction of Andy Capp), there were regular offerings of dusk-to-dawn Grand Guinol, and despite never having attended nor having quite grasped that the action most attendees to such things sought was not on the screen, I miss the phenomenon.

So, for today’s film, veritable heap of terror from the 1960s and ’70s, the heyday of the drive-in ghouls.  We start with the terrifying, unearthly Children of the Damned!

Next, a series of impressionistic nightmares which start with a hideous lifeless thing imposing its will, and finishes up with innocent children facing brainwashing in a stark “education centre”–

Finally, in the lurid colour which thrust Hammer Films to notoriety, a silent alien visitor whose motives are open to question:

Joking aside– I sure wish I had one of those all-in-one pen case/desk base jobs, and I envy German teachers of 1960 for their power to get line variation on a chalk-board.  I’ve lifted these from Pelikano’s own history site, which is worth a look for something other than the marginal thrills of watching somewhat innocent television advertising.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer 300
Today’s ink: Herbin Perle Noire


2 Responses to “Summer Drive-in Horror Marathon.”

  1. flounder said

    Hats of to that last ad from 69, for the most menacing and malevolent depiction of a pelikan I’ve ever seen. Without subtitles to go by, I’m assuming it has struck a deal with Beelzebub to lure small children to their doom using shiny new pens as bait.

    • While I mention aliens, a more profitable comparison is probably in the direction of the diverse obakemono of Japan’s “Yokai Monsters” films; they’ve got the same combination of reassuring mere-puppet-ness and eerie wrongness. I guess the Uncanny Valley Effect doesn’t only apply to human-shaped objects.

      …although what made me sit up at night in a sheen of sweat was not that, but the unfathomable question, “Why Pan-Am? Why not Luthhansa?! WHY?”

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