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Words I Usually Like

Posted by Dirck on 11 July, 2013

Grand.  Apart from a slang connection to yesterday’s chest-thumping, it’s got the associations of magnificence and bigness in a positive sense.  What’s not to like?

Toy.  It was only Monday that I mentioned Lego, and one of the great things about having a son is the way his interests feed my childish elements to a marvelous extent.  Of course I like toys.

Stick them together, though… and I start to find fault.  The Regular Job’s office supplies are provided, in the main, by Grand & Toy.  While I was away on vacation, we appear to have had a new shipment of paper for the printers.  Once we regaled upon “premium copy paper” which was… about as good as one might expect from semi-generic bulk paper.  Now, though, we have “premium laser recycled” and while it doesn’t say so directly, I assume from my examination of it that it is also paper and not finely-ground disused lasers.

On paper (ho ho!), the new stuff is superior.  96gsm as opposed to the old 92 (that’s 24lb v. 20, for the imperial thinkers), and a whiteness of 96 rather than 92.  Those four points of difference are extremely apparent, too, which leads me to think that like decibels and richters the whiteness scale isn’t precisely linear.  It is also a very smooth paper to the touch; not quite slick, but with perceptibly less friction upon the fingertips than the old stuff.

However, from the point of view of probably only one person here at The Regular Job, it’s a degradation from the previous paper.  It’s far more given to feathering, and allows a substantial degree of show-through and bleed-through when exposed to fountain pens.  I’m going to add pictures to prove my point, but the other big discovery of the past 24 hours is that the scanner of The Regular Job is either much better or worse than my home item– it strives to conceal the bleed-through.  I’m going to take my samples home and edit in new evidentary images later, but for now I will presume upon your imagination to make up for what these pictures don’t quite show. {the editing of photos has been done, after an amazement of delays; enjoy the authentic evidence, and relax the fibres of your imagination}

New and improved image of new and degraded paper (now with clever insert!)

New and improved image of new and degraded paper (now with clever insert!)

For your convenience; the stuff you wrote on the other side of the paper.  No need to flip back!

For your convenience; the stuff you wrote on the other side of the paper. No need to flip back!

The conclusion, of course, is to not make a journal from Grand & Toy premium recycled laser (ptew!).  Or, really, do anything with it other than cram it in a toner-based printer and carry on making a mockery of the notion of the modern paperless office.  I manage to get through about 300 sheets of the stuff each day, and I’m not even one of the major users.

Today’s pen: Parker 45
Today’s ink (also not agreeing with the new paper): Jentle blue-black


One Response to “Words I Usually Like”

  1. An update, and good news for a change– the powers-that-be at The Regular Job appear to have not liked the new stuff either, despite not suffering from my pen-specific dementia. The old style, less-objectionable paper has returned to the supply crypt.

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