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Plugs, Familial and Postal

Posted by Dirck on 3 July, 2013

My brother slapped a link onto Facebook which I wanted to put somewhere public, out of misplaced and possibly even deranged pride.  He has contributed to a compilation of images called Mail Me Art, which is apparently in a pre-order phase of its existence.  The theme of the thing is that all the art in it had to be mailed; a decorated envelope or postcard.  Which means that supporting your national postal service is supporting the arts.  Send more mail!

For those who don’t wish to buy the figurative cow, my brother is giving away his metaphorical milk for free (and I apologize to anyone who’s reading this while working on a bowl of cereal).

Today’s pen: Lamy Vista*
Today’s ink: Diamine Prussian Blue

*I expect to handle several pre-1950 Sheaffers and Watermans as well; it’s going above 30°C (85°F, or 305K) today, and I’m hiding in the basement repair bunker as much as possible.

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