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A Postcard…

Posted by Dirck on 26 June, 2013

…to let you know we’re all have a sufficient amount of fun on the vacation, despite the transition from Sunday to Monday being marked by a distressing and prolonged migraine.  What a treat to not have to go to work three hours after the concluding emesis!

But the real reason I’m here is give you all a present I’ve brought back from my travels– a link to a maker of profoundly retro kitchen appliances (or, as auto-correct was suggesting mid-word, kitsch appliances).  If there were cash reserves sufficient to restore our kitchen to its initial glory, that’s the place a lot of the budget would go; we kept the robin’s egg tone of the original paint, and there’s fridge and stove to match!

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Admiral
Today’s ink, almost all gone through catching up on letter writing: Diamine Prussian Blue

2 Responses to “A Postcard…”

  1. Sorry about the migraine. They’re awful things. Those retro appliances are pretty sharp looking. I wish they had the smaller appliances too, like toasters, mixers, coffee pots, etc. I have a 1950s GE chrome percolator, and I named her Betty Lou because it seemed to be a good 1950s diner waitress name. She still works, even after 60 years.

    • My in-laws have an absolute confection of a percolator; two chrome spheres, with three stubby little feet on the lower one. Alas, I’ve never known them to use it.

      Thanks for the commiseration. Since that one, the only headaches with week have been of the more external sort; far easier to cope with.

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