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Hiatus, Hopefully No Hernia

Posted by Dirck on 21 June, 2013

My usual two week summer absence from The Regular Job commences at the closing bell today, and as is ever the case my looking in here is apt to get a little spotty.  Since I don’t have plans much more ambitious that “clean the eaves-trough” and “render dining table visible”, I may well get in here more than I usually do during such events.  However, since my son is also undistracted and will be working to drive my wife to distraction, I may well have other things on my plate than showing up here and venting brain-steam.

Today’s film, while reflecting a substantially more aggressive vacation plan, is suggestive of the energy requirements of just hanging out with the lad.

I find myself wondering occasionally, given that Bogart was under contract to Warner, whether that’s actually him doing his voice.  In this case, it would have been easy enough to lift the lines from another sound-track, but in “Slick Hare” he’s rather more interactive with Bugs and Elmer.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Balance Sovereign
Today’s ink: Herbin Vert Empire


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