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ADHD, The Musical

Posted by Dirck on 14 June, 2013

To put a cap on yesterday’s silliness, how about a Golden Oldie?

…and when I say “Golden Oldie”, I can be taken to mean “New Wave”, “back in the days when videos were new and sort of creative”, or  “hey, this is a tune from my high school days… oh, god, I’m getting old.”

Today’s much older pen: Sheaffer Admiral
Today’s highly focussed, exteremly sensible ink: Diamine Prussian Blue


2 Responses to “ADHD, The Musical”

  1. Sigh. I remember this song from high school too. The other day I heard some whippersnapper refer to The Police as “stuff my parents listen to” and I felt about a billion years old. I felt like grabbing the little twirp by the neck and saying, “Listen, kid, that’s called AWESOME MUSIC.”

    • At risk of materializing a cane or a wheelchair and lap-blanket; I wonder aloud if anyone else has noticed the general dropping away of narrative structure and tonal complexity in pop music over the past ten years or so. There are exceptions, but so many modern hits seem to be two short sentences repeated, usually without much emphasis, hanging on three or four notes.

      As for “stuff my parents listen to”; it’s called The Internet, junior. All times are at your fingertips, if only you have the wit to try gripping them. These kids, these kids {with shaking head and munching of toothless gums}.

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