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Speaking of Current Favourites

Posted by Dirck on 24 May, 2013

I was rattling about a current fascination with a new pen earlier in the week.  As part of the dressin’ up and goin’ out that constituted wedding anniversary observations yesterday, that pen did indeed find its way to my pocket.  The dressin’ up was a little over-grand, given the relatively lowly Italian-style chain we ended up at (lacking a sitter for the son), but habitual over-dress is a way of life for me.  Said restaurant held more delights for the boy than just lashings of pasta and the spectacle of his parents consuming a bottle of wine between them; he’s a precocious flirter-with of pretty waitresses of whom there were many, and someone in the semi-exposed kitchen kept breaking into extremely over-done fake opera singer noises.  My son, you see, is currently working at becoming word-perfect in all the works of Warners, and though a restaurant sing-along was a great idea.

The following cartoon is one he could reproduce, were the sound left off.  He’s getting pretty good at the different voices, too.

Today’s pen: Pilot Elite
Today’s ink: Jentle blue-black


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