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Caution: Risk of Infection!

Posted by Dirck on 22 May, 2013

We are all, I’m sure, familiar from our various efforts at improving our several states of knowledge from the inter-webz, with the horrifying prospect of mind-control as a reality in nature; the first example I ran across was the “zombie ant” fungus, but there are many, many examples (several of which feature in a mid-game exposition scene in Resident Evil 4).  It’s enough to make a person question what they believe to be their own motivations.

What brings this up is today’s pen.  It’s the Parker 75 whose extra shipping charges I was bleating about last week.  It was, as expected, a bit squalid when it arrived, but the main contaminant on it appeared to be an over-abundance of dried Silvo or some similar polishing compound.  A little bit of work with tools designed for dental hygiene, and the majority of the pen’s issues were abolished– there was a bit of tine alignment to sort out, but that was a nothing.  Happily, whoever what applied the lashings of polish was enthusiastic only in that regard, as once the chunks of it were removed, the underlying finish was intact.  This was great news, because the means of re-patinating the low points and then re-polishing the high are available to me, but the whole activity would constitute a chore.  Here, then, is what my slightly too much shipping and slight effort has produced:

Look long and hard! Obey any impulses that may arise!

Nice. Very very nice. So nice I can hardly bring myself to put it down now.  Which brings about thoughts of imposition upon willpower.  After all my exposure to nice pens, one would be forgiven in expecting a degree of jading, and yet this one is really pushing my buttons.  It’s not vastly more attractive than, say…

“Flies? Why would I want flies?” quoth the Renfield.

…and yet it calls out so much more loudly.  Is the occasional dark residue it leaves on my fingers mere oxidation, or some… other substance?  I might be mistaken in the nature of the stuff I scraped off the outside of the pen, after all.

The more sinister question that arises is the evidently inorganic nature of the Parker 75.  Ant-directing fungus has its own reproductive agenda on hand when doing its eerie work; what, precisely is in it for a pen?  The answer starts to veer from the realm of science into that of the occult, and even as I’m working to wrap up the entry I wonder if my paradigm isn’t a fact-filled (if somewhat ucky) Wikipedia entry but rather something more along the lines of The Ring; bad news for the readers if that’s the case, as I seem incapable of editing anything above this point.

I suppose if we all meet each other later this summer on a train going out to the Akeley farm, each with a big box of Santa Mira green peppers tucked under one arm, we’ll have an answer.  If not… well, it’s a very nice pen, and it’s new.  I suppose that might give it some prominence.

Today’s all-absorbing pen: Parker 75

Today’s mind-control serum perfectly normal ink: Diamine Sargasso Blue


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