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Posted by Dirck on 1 May, 2013

I’m very distracted by a crop of political stuff that I want to treat on a platform better suited to such things, so I’m just going to mention a couple of things I neglected on Monday–

1) I’ve discovered a way of very nearly doing the refinishing on Parker “51” caps without access to a sand- or soda-blasting rig.  This is good, because it covers up the marks left by dent removal.  It’s “very nearly” because it’s not quite the same at the factory finish (for which one would need that blasting apparatus) and because it’s not absolutely successful in the covering of the marks.  It is, however, far easier on the eye than the dents, and indeed less likely to be noticed by the casual observer.  It also doesn’t queer any pitches for future “correct” refinishing, so it’s a win on all fronts.

2) A client has sent me a Pilot eyedropper of dubious age– I suspect pre-WWII, but it may be post-, and given the non-Japanese personalization it’s pretty certain it’s not “during”… well, I suppose with an Italian name, it’s not impossible.  The point, though, is that is has a shut-off valve involved, and that means a shaft passing though the tail, as one finds and frequently yells at in vacuum fillers.  This one is also getting a yelling at; it looks like the outer cover of the tail seal should unscrew, with a slot in it very like in the blind-cap nut of a vacuum pen, but it’s so thoroughly glued in place that appearance isn’t paying off.  Yet, at least.  The tail threads, into which the shaft-carrying blind cap drives, are in horrible shape, and I honestly can’t tell whether the gluing is original or a later user’s efforts to “fix” a leak.  It’s a very nice pen in most other regards, so I hope I can convince it to unclench.

Now… off to blow off some steam about the way my country is being run.

Today’s pen: TWSBI Mini
Today’s ink: Pelikan Royal Blue


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