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Recounting the Cost

Posted by Dirck on 23 April, 2013

This is a very unsatisfactory entry.  Since the promised (somewhat) more interesting topic occurred to me late, and it calls for me accessing one of my catalogues which I can’t do from here… I’m putting it off.

What I’m going to do to keep my face out of eBay for the next forty minutes or so is to act upon the rather good advice generated by last week’s question, “How to give a modern context for vintage prices?”  That rather good advice was to let the seekers of information who are curious about such things work it out for themselves but replacing my increasingly outdated calculations with links to a calculator.  I’m using this one, because it’s pleasingly imprecise (there are thirteen different answers to any question!) and satisfies my prejudices about economists, and because it also works out pounds, yen and yuan.

I’m already up to Lamy, working my way through alphabetically.  Unfortunately, P – Z is the heavy end of my list.  Off to work, then!

Today’s pen: Waterman Phileas
Today’s ink: Diamine Rustic Brown


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