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Posted by Dirck on 11 April, 2013

Please, if you will, imagine a large bearded man dressed like a stetl-dweller singing out the title.  It will complete the effect.

I’m about to go and renew the plates on my vehicle, and rather than leave you with nothing to read on a Thursday, I want to urge you to go over to Flounder’s MindThots and read of his mad scheme and determined efforts to amend a common or garden Chinese cartridge pen into a vacuum-filler (like a TWSBI 700).  To consider the thing is audacious, and to bring it off… well,  I’m astonished out the far side of amazement.

Today’s pen: Waterman Phileas (which has a more moderate sort of modification– a bold point reshaped to a 0.9mm stub)
Today’s ink: Diamine Rustic Brown (chosen to cause nervousness in low-end bureaucrats)


3 Responses to “Ambiiiiiiition!”

  1. Flounder said

    Wow, a shout-out on Raven’s March, thanks a lot!
    Speaking of plunger fillers, I have today noticed Hero’s “7022” model bears quite a strong resemblence to early Onotos, especially in the clip, cylindrical body, stepped (if ersatz) blind cap, and long section…

    • A shout-out is the least you’re due for that. That you’re considering doing up another, and I speak as someone who has knitted up three chain-mail shirts, suggests that you’ve had as long and deranging a winter as we have 😉

      • Flounder said

        It was pretty awful but the days are brightening up now! Maybe I should just enjoy using the Kaigelu for a while. Hopefully you’ll see some springtime brightness before you make use of the chainmail in some sort of Ned Kelly inspired shenanigans.

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