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In Tune

Posted by Dirck on 9 April, 2013

Having moved into some of the mysteries of point adjustment, it might be said that I tune pens.  This, I think, would be claiming somewhat more mastery in that department than I quite have in hand.  However, the change in the way I’ve been rotating my pens indicates to my own satisfaction that I am, indeed, in tune with them.

I hadn’t set out to do so, but for the most part, the pens I’ve been using to the shift to having several pens on deck at once and swapping only when they’re dry has seen me using pens that don’t really have any ink supply inidicator.  The Pelikan Future has a hold in the side through which one may peer at the cartridge, but none of the others do.  Somewhat out of character for me, the majority of those in use in this new regime have been cartridge-feeders, but of those only a couple actually have cartridges in them, and the converters in the others are in most cases opaque.

So, really, I don’ t have any way of knowing how much ink is left other than a broad guess at how much I’ve written and the relative rate of use of the pen in question.  When I decided that the time had come to pull four of them from the line-up, it was therefore consciously based as much on a sense of wanting some new variety as an appreciation of the amount of ink remaining in them.

And yet…. Holding the Parker 75 by the opaque old-style squeeze converter over the emptying cup, I gave a squeeze to chase out the remaining ink and got a fine mist.  Effectively empty.  The Vanishing Point, mounting the blank-sided CON-20 converter, produced the same results.  The Statesman’s snorkel blew a bubble, no more.   The Esterbrook icicle (and how, from a sympathetic magic standpoint, I regret having used that one in the past month) brought forth the biggest result, emitting a single complete drop of ink.

I had wanted to use them until they were empty.  When I stopped using them, they were empty.  I haven’t crowed about my mystical powers in quite some time, but crow I do.  I may continue to claim my rank of Boisterous Elephantine Commander of Mannenhitsu-do!

All of which, I think, underlines how desperate things have become here, in the realm of cabin fever.  Oh, for sight of a green-studded bough!

Today’s pen (bearing secret messages from the wainscoting elves!): Waterman Préface
Today’s ink (delicious, nutritious, and an excellent shampoo!): : Herbin Violette Pensée


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