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April Foolishness

Posted by Dirck on 1 April, 2013

I was just going to put up an item of funny, but seeing that the UK is in much the same state as we are, I though I’d share some pictures as well.  You’re not alone in your pondering of “Whither Spring”, Great Britain.

A week past the equinox... hey, let's have a barbecue!

Easter morning 2013: I could, if I were inclined, have taken a picture of an actual bunny trail (it’s off to the right, a bit).

Merry Chr... wait, that was more than three months ago.

My usual seasonal contemplation of this reverse angle is the depth of water about the gate.

Now, on with the truly seasonal!  I’ve dropped enough hints about my age that it should be no surprise that in my teen years I played Dungeons & Dragons.  AD&D, actually, in its first presentation.  Those who are of much the same age will remember the slightly amateurish yet terrifying cover of the DM’s Guide:

The original artist may make me hang my head by saying, "Let's see you do any better."

The original artist may make me hang my head by saying, “Let’s see you do any better.”

…and it is from this book that I take today’s material.  On page 119 there are a couple of charts regarding the mixing of things.  One is for potions, and the clever DM always kept it in mind to make life interesting for adventurers who would sample diverse phials in an attempt to do something clever (Shrinking and Giant Strength might sound like a good combination…).  The other, oddly enough, was for inks, and I was so pleased to stumble back upon it I had to scan it and share:

Cut from whole cloth, this, but you can see the love.

I see a couple of things in there for rules lawyers to gnaw upon.

Ah, the nostalgia for by-gone days of free time and polyhedral dice-hoarding!  What a grand age that was– the early teens!

Today’s +3 Pen of Smoothness: Pelikan Future
Today’s Potion of Literacy: Diamine Oxblood

4 Responses to “April Foolishness”

  1. Maja said

    I agree—good times! Oh, and did you own a copy of the “Monster Manual” as well? 🙂

    • And the sequel. Heck, somewhere, between the childhood home and the two descendant houses, there’s a slightly battered copy of the first run of “Dieties and Demigods” with the Cthulhu mythos stuff that Arkham House (mistakenly) claimed copyright on and forced the withdrawing of– which now that I think of it I realize was my first exposure to that stuff.

      • Maja said

        I sold all my AD&D modules and books in ’84, but kept the little pewter figurines (“miniatures”, in D&D parlance) which I had oh-so-carefully painted by hand 🙂

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