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I’ve Got a Feeling….

Posted by Dirck on 15 March, 2013

In honour of the raging blizzard we’re enjoying a week ahead of the equinox, I bring you for this week’s Friday Flake-off Film some rational science with an excellent accent attached.

If you’re like me, you had to work a little during that to not fixate on “feelie” being what Huxley had replacing a “movie” in the distant year of 632AF.  Also, if you’re like me, you cringe at the prospect of extremists on the “knock it off” side being just a loopy at their opposite numbers.

Today’s pen (the fruit, I note, of a perfectly civil international Etsy transaction): Sheaffer Sovereign Snorkel
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Bleu Myosotis


2 Responses to “I’ve Got a Feeling….”

  1. ladyambrosiaj said

    o.O I am with you *smiles and nods* . Also a Blizzard in the middle of March? Reminds me why I am glad I moved southwards…lol and not to sound like a nag or anything but did you happen to email those pdfs? if so I did not get them.

    • March blizzards fall under the head of “Character Building”. The real crusher is a late May snowfall, which is happily unusual.

      On the email… yep. However, I wonder if perhaps birth-ofa-notion.com isn’t missing a hyphen, or if perhaps your receiving device might have had a fit about such a volume of attachments.

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