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Joining a Collective

Posted by Dirck on 21 February, 2013

Why not?  I signed up with a co-operative from which I buy fuel and groceries, and thus share in the profits of having done so, so why not a collective?

…apart from wanting to be able to, in Daddy Duck style, gather my pens to my bosom and shout, “MINE MINE MINE!”  No, it’s not hippy living I’m considering today, but rather collective nouns.  One of the really fun things about English, and one of the things that makes me occasionally weep for the paucity of modern expression through their lack of use, is these nearly pointless terms for groups of things.  Bunch, herd, and heap all get plenty of press, but one seldom hears these days from the others.  One may suffer from an unkindness of ravens (for which I take no personal responsibility) groaning outside one’s window, keeping up the din which the hooting parliament of owls began the night before.  One may be distressed to find a nest of vipers in the closet… or worse, a sleuth of bears.  I should speak of the glaring of cats we have at home, since only one of them really has the fuzziness to be a contributor to a clowder.

What gets all this going is a stray filament on a discussion thread regarding the impending new TWSBI 580.  Like any other pen company, TWSBI has its fans (of which I’m one, although in this regard I’m quite promiscuous), and so there are several participants in the discussion who have multiple pens; not just examples of each available model, as I would if I had cash and any interest in the Micarta, but several of the same model.  This led to the question: what is the collective terms for a quantity of TWSBIs?

Candidates include troop, tribe, throng, and tingle, although I have to admit as a contributor to that list that none of them seems quite right.  I’d like “troop” disqualified, as it’s used for lots of things (cavalrymen, baboons, dogfish…) and “tribe” would just get arguments on the line of “Is it PC?” started.  The field is open, though, and I wonder that the inclination to date is so bent upon alliteration.  One could have a clarity of TWSBIs, given the company preference for transparent barrels.  A slosh of TWSBIs, since most have rather high ink capacities?  So many possibilities.

Of course, one would have to then develop collective terms for other makers.  A dabble of Pelikans.  A striation, or maybe a circularity of Sheaffers.  An nosey of Parkers.  A ripple of Watermans.  An extravagance… no, a hoard, I think, of Mont Blancs.  And what of pens themselves?  Do I have a vast scribble of pens in the my bunker?  A huge scratching?  A thriving delineation?

It’s an interesting pastime, and one that could give employment to a whole worship of writers….

Today’s pen: Italix Parson’s Essential
Today’s ink: Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue

8 Responses to “Joining a Collective”

  1. Andrew MB said

    How about a prolix of pens?
    A stitching of TWSBIs?
    I’ll go back to my den now…..

  2. I like “troop” as well. I think I might use “passel” for Pelikans, as in, “A passel of Pellies.”

  3. marigolds said

    What about “a facet of TWSBIs”? Since that’s the most distinctive thing about the shapes? (That kind of leaves out the Micartas, though…)

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