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Seasonal Affectionate Disorder

Posted by Dirck on 14 February, 2013

If I ignore you for a short time, does it mean I love you any less?

I’m not speaking rhetorically, as I so frequently do.  Nor am I addressing pens which like a notable dweller of R’lyeh may eternal lie.  I’m about to abandon you folks, not because I have lost regard for you, but because in any competition for my interest, the inverted precedence must be:

  • People living at a great distance who are interested in pens,
  • Pens,
  • Extended family,
  • Nuclear family.

So, I’m taking these few minutes to write a mash-note to my wife, something I’ve not done in a while.  Those with a significant other at hand, I suggest a similar application; not because of the day, particularly, but because it’s good for maintaining mutual significance.  Those without, I will offer this sop on the soppiest day of the year; not only is it unclear how many Saints Valentine there were, at least two stories of his/their life end with him being clubbed nearly to death before his beheading.  Romantic!

Today’s pen: Parker Duofold
Today’s ink: Noodler’s Couleur Royale

…but also the Stipula Passaporto because a mash-note written with an Italian pen must be more effective, and De Atramentis Elderberry ink because it’s a good colour for this sort of stuff.

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